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Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior is new online slot coming from NetEnt’s kitchen, and it features 5 reels and cluster pays. For those of you who are old enough to remember playing this on a console or arcade, the title says it all. For those of you that aren’t, well, now is the time to learn why is this one of the most iconic themes ever. If you want to learn to fight the street way you can do it right here for fun or at any NetEnt Casino for real.

How to Play Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot

You will be ready to visit these pixelated streets and fight your way the moment you set your bets.

  • Bet is set with clicking on Coin Value up and down arrow buttons.
  • Max Bet will set the maximum bet available. 
  • The battle on the reels begins when you hit Spin button.
  • Autoplay will turn the reels automatically for a chosen number of times without interruption

Slot Features

Once you get over the nostalgia you will get when you lay eyes and see how awesome the design is, you will get to experience the features through 8 different characters: Chun Li, Dhalsim, Honda, Blanka, Guile, Ryu, Ken and Zangief.

The base game is the battle between two characters that can include multiple spins. In each battle you will get to choose one of the 8 characters and fight a random opponent, much like you did with the actual arcade game. When characters run out of health points, the round ends, and the character cannot be changed before there is a winner. If you win the battle, you will enter the Beat the Boss stage, and if you lose you will go to Car Smash stage.

Your character inflicts damage when winning combo includes their Victory or Defeat symbols, and it receives damage when win combo includes opponent’s Victory or Defeat symbol. The decrease of health points is equal to the number of Victory or Defeat symbols in a cluster win combo. Victory and Defeat symbols are actually colossal 2×2 symbols that count as a cluster of 4.

Wild Gauge 

During both the first stage and the Beat the Boss stage, you will notice that your character has a Wild Gauge above his head that will reset before each spin. Each high value symbol in a win combo will fill the gauge by 1 point, and when it reaches 7+ points and there are no win combos to be created, your character will use their unique Wild Combo feature that will randomly place Wilds on the reels.

Wild Combo

Each character comes with different set of Wild modifications with different RTPs attached to them. Ryu places 3 Wilds on the same row with 96.02% RTP, Dhalsim places 3 or 4 random Wilds on the reels and Guile places 2 vertical stacks with 2 Wilds, both at 96.04% RTP. Choosing Honda will get you 3 Wilds on the same reel with 96.05% RTP. At the 96.06% RTP rate Ken will place between 1 and 5 Wilds on the same row, whereas Zangrief, Chun Li and Blanka come with 96.08% RTP. Zangrief places 2 horizontal Wild stacks of 2, Chun Li places between 2 and 7 Wilds randomly, and Blanka adds between 1 and 5 Wilds on the same reel.

Beat the Boss

Beat the Boss stage is a multilevel Free Spins round that has different opponents on each level: Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M.Bison. Your character will fight a different opponent with each new level, and the multiplier that is getting applied to win combos will increase with each new round. Multipliers can be x2, x3, x5, and reach to x10 with the last round. If you finish the stage undefeated, and manage to win all 4 Boss rounds, you will win x100 your bet.

Insert Coin

When you lose during Beat the Boss Free Spin round you may get the chance to restart the current level with the Insert Coin Gamble feature by sacrificing a portion of your winnings. This is an added feature that can be used only once per Beat the Boss Free Spins stage.

Car Smash

During the feature you will get control of your characters with the help of the on-screen character control panel and hotkeys to help move your character and destroy the car. This round awards a random win that ranges from x5 to x15.


Street Fighter II: The World Warrior is one of those slot games that will appeal to even to all of those hard-to-please players out there. It is packed with features and does a real justice to the original game in term of the 8-bit pixelated design that will really take you on a trip down the memory lane. Although the music can get a bit irritating as it is playing on the really short loop. RTP rate is 96.06% and the volatility is leaning towards high. We really liked what NetEnt did with Street Fighter II: The World Warrior and would definitely recommend you giving it a few spins.

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